'Pulsating Awareness'


We are a not-for-profit, solution oriented organisation who are working on different levels of society to ensure an inclusive change and development.

Our primary aim is to provide for deprived and downtrodden or to strengthen their efficiency for self-sustenance.

The Organisation works in a very wide and dynamic area, with prime focus on protection and upliftment of women and children, with a hope for better future.

About Us

Abhas Spandan is a not-for-profit and non-political organisation which aims to brighten up the lives of the needy as well as the disadvantaged and to make the society a better place to live. The organisation has been registered with Registered with Registrar of Societies, State of Bihar, under The Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Established in the memory of an endearing son; a loving brother; and a benevolent friend, Late Abhas Kumar, the organisation looks forward to touch the lives of those who are need and to make every possible effort to brighten up their lives. With a team of passionate youngsters and experienced elders, the organisation aspires to focus on issues relating to Women and Children, beside working for the overall development of the society and surrounding.

The organisation believes in going beyond the spread of words. As the name suggests, Awareness Beyond Help with Affirmative Support (ABHAS), it would go on to extend a helping hand to the needy, apart from holding awareness programmes. We are determined to extend our hands for those who require and to raise our voice for those whose words are unheard; with the objective of positive outcome.

The working area of the organisation will be primarily focused upon: general and legal awareness; to promote small scale industries by promoting art and culture; human rights; sustainable development; and protection of child and women rights. However, the ambit of this organisation is not only limited to these fields and is flexible.

The organisation functions throughout the territory of Republic of India for fulfilling its objective and rendering services to those who need.


The logo depicts the functions and the ambit of the organisation. There are three figures in the logo which stand for men, women and children, who are the major stake holders of the society. The green wings denote the primary goal of the organisation, which is to protect these three quintessential stakeholders of the society and make them self-sufficient and independent.


Abhas Spandan organises various programs, events, camps and other social gatherings in order to achieve its aim of inclusive development.

Get Involved

Abhas Spandan provides various opportunity to enthusiastic individuals who are interested and determined to bring social change. 


We welcome support in the form of finances and items, which can be used for and by those in need, directly or indirectly.